"The most that unites two people, is the aware that with his mutual aid, both will probably get better". Socrates in Cratilo of Plato.  

José Miguel López was born in autumn 1966. Toledo (Spain).

Began his professional career at Xerox and the Telefonica Group as a sales executive and manager. Later made contact whit the different areas of the company, as assistant manager at AOGP, group of corporates in real estate promotion and construction, consulting, and management of cooperative housing.

Create the Business Center SERPYME (Advisors, Constultants and Auditors) and CSI Consulting Services, in which will develop the activities of RE/MAX Agent, Broker, and Consultant Training, Financial Services, Recruitment, Selecting, Coaching and Mentoring.

Actively participates and collaborates with the Foundation Circle for Social Art on capacity building for individual and groups, for enterprise and the economy. Later start working Social Threefolding, Strategic Consulting, Management by Values, Organizational Development and Business Coaching.

His mission is the development of organizations that create opportunities from and for conscious, free and responsible people.